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The Only Complete System for Real Estate

using QuickBooks Pro!

This is what launched me into the stratosphere as as an expert along with Money Magazine. FYI, last year, Mike wrapped up 10 month long IRS Audit of ALL of my tax returns for previous 3 years. IRS final report gave me a green light - No Fines, No Penalties, and blessed my system shown above. I did the Toyota Happy Dance when I received the final report.

  • It's Simple, It's PROVEN, and will Increase Your Profit.
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  • Recommended by CPA's and Accountants everywhere

​One Time Investment - Only $1,997

How To Buy WITHOUT Banks, Credit, Money, Private Lenders or Partners!

Mike Butler has NEVER gone to a bank to buy an investment property. Simply put, this home training system is absolutely everything Mike wish'd he would have known before he started investing. This is a MUST have for all investors from beginners to the old pro. You get two 3 ring binders and a credit card usb flashdrive loaded with videos and forms galore. 

  • 19.5 hrs of training videos
  • Boatload of Forms including Simple 1 Page Offer
  • Comprehensive Manual

One Time Investment - Only $1,997

Landlording On AutoPilot System

Imagine Consistently Getting Paid Over 100% of Your Rents EVERY Month! (National Average is only 85%)

Keep Great Residents for 6 years +

Tenant will pay you for tenant caused damages/repairs

Slashing Turnover Costs by Thousands

New Tenant Orientation Training and Video that Works

PLUS Extra Bonuses: Book, Rent Talk system and more

  • Training Videos
  • Boatload of Forms including 22 page Rental Agrmnt
  • Comprehensive Manual and LLAP Book!

​One Time Investment - Only $1,997

Imagine having 20 nice rentals PAID FOR delivering Tax Free Income and Profit for LIFE! This course shows you in simple step-by-step modules how to open it, fund it, and buy real estate using your Self Directed ROTH IRA

  • This Online Course with Carl Fischer & Mike Butler
  • includes six 60 minute how to videos
  • Case Studies, Watch Over My Shoulder Videos

One Time Investment - Only $1,497

Discover How You Can Control EVERYTHING and OWN NOTHING! DIY system to keep your name/company name off public records.

  • hide your real estate and vehicles
  • includes training videos
  • Comprehensive Manual

One Time Investment - Only $1,997

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New Tenant and Renewing Tenant Orientation and training. 11 minute video to show before signing any rental agreements and docs. Buy Now, Get It Now! - this is a digital mp4 video file.

  • in English and Spanish
  • play it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone
  • Fast Start Guide and checklist

​Only $297

#1 Best Seller on Amazon blessed by Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets and legendary guru John Schaub. Bigger Pockets says this is one of the TOP 5 books every investor must have in their library. Order here to get your personally autographed book for you and person who gets your gift.


  • Dozens of FREE forms
  • FREE Training Videos
  • FREE Weekly Investor Training - POWER LUNCH Series

Personally Autographed - Only $25.95

Pete Young's S.W.A.T. Rehab System

Secret Ways And Techniques

  • Learn to $lash Rehab % Repair Cost by 50% and more!
  • Dealing with Contractors - Do's and Don'ts
  • Plus More Bonuses from Pete.

​One Time Investment - Only $1,997

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