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    For example: in the search field, enter "Bad Check" and you see the short how to handle a bad check properly video.

    - same for buying, refinancing, or selling a properly

  • Bonus: "Post Office Method of Accounting" video

    Amazingly simple system is the same as a visit to your local Post Office room with all of your PO Boxes. Mike shows you how You can enter any transaction - NO MATTER HOW COMPLICATED as long as you follow the Post Office Method.

    - CPAs and accountants have told Mike many times over, they wished Mike's method was taught in their college accounting classes.

  • Bonus: If You Can't Find Your Answer to a Question - simply complete a support ticket to get your answer from  MIke!

    sometimes, you may even get a short video showing you how to do it, and it will be put on the website library if your question can benefit other real estate professionals like you!


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