1 on 1 Coaching Session

  • Coaching Session with Mike Butler

    • 1 on 1, private, confidential
    • Coaching Prep Sheet allows Mike to review BEFORE Your coaching session so we jump right in to what you are looking for
    • (this prevents a huge waste of your time and mike's as much as 20 minutes might be burned up with you explaining your situation to Mike)
    • You get the complete recording of your session for future reference and notes for you to review as needed
    • BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! - that's right, you get 4 sessions for the price of 3

  • Here's What You Get and How It Works

    After purchasing your coaching session, you will immediately see your "Coaching Prep Sheet." Submit for Mike to review so he will be better prepared to maximize your learning during coaching - this prevents any "shoot from the hip" answers or recommendations. It is PROVEN that when you give Mike a "heads up" your coaching session benefit is 10X better for you!

  • Questions on Your Coaching Prep Sheet

    1. Your Contact Info
    2. Your Time Zone
    3. Referred by or How Did You Find Mike
    4. Enter your question, issue, concerns and what you want to Mike to help you with
    5. CLICK SUBMIT - That's It
  • AFTER You Submit Your Coaching Prep Sheet

    1. Your form is auto-emailed to Mike Butler
    2. Mike will review your issues, concerns, questions
    3. You will then be emailed to schedule your session
    4. FYI, you will be invited to a "Zoom Meeting" via email with a link to join your Zoom Meeting

Let's Get Started Now!

1. Sign Up for Your Coaching Session

2. Submit Mike's "Coaching Prep Sheet" 

3. Schedule your coaching session




1 on 1 Coaching Session


Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

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