BREAKING GREAT NEWS for You from COVID-19 and Our Governor! 

Yesterday our Governor Outlawed Meetings

This Boot Camp will be "LIVE Streaming" On GoToWebinar

this is the same software for your Power Lunches and I know how to use it like the back of my hand!

Now You Can Stay Safe at Home and Learn!

The Schedule will remain the same as shown below, same times, etc.

In addition to the bonuses you are already getting,

  • I'm adding these EXTRA Bonuses for You to Maximize Your Learning
  • You will get a WorkBook Study Guide PDF emailed to you for each day
  • PLUS, I'm giving you 24/7 access to ALL Raw Video Recordings midnight Sun. Nov 29
  • 18 sessions scheduled
  • Every session will have LIVE Q&A 
  • House Buying Tour is still on! it will be LIVE Streaming giving you a better than front row seat!
  1. Now You Have NO Excuse Not To Attend!
  2. with this set up, scheduling conflicts, time zones, etc. are gone!

If you are serious about your real estate business,

This is a MUST attend event for every serious real estate investor

- 2021 is going be chock full of killer deals and I want you to be ready and know what to look for when it happens

- Now is the time to prepare properly.


I wrote this text at 11:30am Thursday, Nov 19 and it is a little haphazard, but I want to get it out to you asap


How much is a semester of college? ... probably a lot more than the cost of this boot camp


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FYI, I just learned at 6pm Tuesday, my youngest daughter Melissa, has Covid-19

Now You Can Stay Safe at Home and Maximize Your Learning - This will not be rescheduled

We'll follow the same schedule, but just do it online

PLUS I am Giving You a NEVER Done Before BIG BONUS!

Access to All Raw Video Recordings to Review, Rewind, Replay!

until midnight Sunday, Nov 29 - from the session thru entire Turkey Day Holiday Weekend

Register now, class size can be a little bigger now

Access to replays is being made available is you have a scheduling conflict or if you live on  the west coast



Early Bird Discount expiration has been removed! Register Now!


Attn: Risk-Averse Real Estate Investors, Mom & Pop Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs

Mike Butler Presents...

"​Buying WITHOUT Banks"

Real Estate Boot Camp

With Actual In-The-Field House-Buying Training!

Discover How to SAFELY Invest WITHOUT Money, Credit, Private Lenders, Partners, or Banks! Create New Streams of Income and Become Financially FREE in as Little As 3-5 Years!


Hurry! This Bootcamp ALWAYS Sells Out!

Wildwood Country Club - 5000 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY

Due to Covid-19, This is an Online Virtual Boot Camp!  Learn From Home!

From: Mike Butler

Where: Louisville, KY

Due to Covid-19, We're Having an Online Boot Camp!


Dear Investor,

Can I ask you a few questions?

Please answer honestly…

  • Do you WANT to invest in real estate but you’re confused by all the ‘noise’ out there?

  • Unsure about which investing niche is the best for you and your family?

  • Tired and ticked off by all the false promises of the so-called ‘gurus’?

  • Looking for consistent monthly and dependable returns on your money WITHOUT the stress of market volatility?

  • Looking for a CLEAN and SIMPLE way to invest in real estate without all the hype and hoopla?

If you checked “Yes” to any or all of the questions above, you’re not alone.


A Super Simple PROVEN System To Buy Killer Properties That Pump Cash For Life!


I’ll be honest with you…


I can’t stand complicated.


I’m a simple guy with simple needs.


As a retired undercover cop, it was my job to find the calm, simple, and easy way to solve a problem.


So when I discovered real estate, I applied those same police skills to my investing business…


While still working as a full time detective!


I had ZERO real estate know-how back then. ZIP.


But the PRINCIPLES and STRATEGIES I learned have served me well.


And they’ve been working like gangbusters for myself and my students for the past 20 years.



These are the same simple strategies and principles I’m going to share with you in the “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp!




Design Your Investing Business Around

YOUR Schedule And Lifestyle…

Full OR Part Time


There’s this myth out there that you have to go ‘all in’ as an investor and work real estate 60 to 70 hours a week to be successful.


Total hogwash!


In this exclusive bootcamp, I’m going to show you how you can buy 2+ properties a WEEK while still holding down a full time job.


Sound crazy? It’s not, because that’s what I did!


And I don’t teach stuff that I don’t do myself.


So if the thought of investing is an ‘all or nothing’ choice for you, put that notion to bed right now.


YOU call the shots. You determine how much time you want to put in. You decide how much money you want to make.


Because YOU are the captain of your ship!


What you’re about to discover in the “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp” is that building a portfolio of houses to provide financial stability and wealth for you and your family is much easier than you think.

    Here’s the deal…


    If you’re just starting out, you can keep ‘thinking’ about investing in real estate and watch the clock go by year after year…


    If you’re an experienced investor, you can keep doing what you’re doing and working your tail off…




    You can come to Louisville on November 20-22, 2020 and allow me to show you EXACTLY how to:  

    • Buy houses WITHOUT banks, credit, partners, or private lenders

    • Create an income stream for life

    • Build a business you LOVE!

    • Implement a unique system that delivers consistent cash flow and time freedom.

    • Take Advantage of all of the BRAND NEW huge opportunities during and after this Covid-19 pandemic

    Wildwood Country Club - 5000 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY


    Find INSANE Deals Right In Your Own Back Yard…

    That Other Investors Just Can’t See

    Start investing THE RIGHT WAY…


    At the “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp.”


    This exclusive live event was created and designed for thoughtful and conscientious investors just like you.


    You’ll get everything you need to hit the ground running. NOTHING is held back…and I mean NOTHING.


    At the Buying Without Banks Bootcamp, you’ll discover how to:

    • Instantly identify killer ‘hidden in plain sight’ deals that NO ONE else sees

    • Buy houses ALL DAY Long WITHOUT credit, bank loans, private lenders, or partners (YES, REALLY!!)

    • Spot a motivated seller from a mile away (you’re gonna love this!)

    • Evaluate deals in 9 minutes or less (deal or no deal…NEXT!)

    • Pay FULL price for a house and STILL get a wicked deal (this is SO sweet!)

    • Eyeball and estimate repairs ACCURATELY in 10 minutes or less

    • Ask these 6 simple questions to get all the info you need from a seller

    • Use this covert ‘undercover detective’ strategy when talking to sellers to create AMAZING deals

    • Get sellers to GIVE you their houses…for FREE! (that’s no typo…I said FREE)

    • Create a ‘can’t refuse offer’ in just 15 minutes

    • Drive motivated sellers to your doorstep 24/7 365 days of the year

    • Uncover golden ‘buried treasure’ deals on the MLS (every investor and real estate agent MISS these hidden gems)

    • Write offers FAST…while sitting in your home-seller’s driveway

    • Uncover golden ‘buried treasure’ deals on the MLS (every investor MISSES this)

    • Easily Get 0% fixed rate loans when you buy!

    • Slash rehab and repair costs 50% and MORE

    • Get contractors BEGGING you to hire them…at 25-45% off their going rate

    • Boost your deals up 41% with this PROVEN, Ninja ‘follow up’ strategy

    • Deploy these 7 ‘dirt cheap’ marketing tools to attract sellers like bees to honey

    • Guarantee your security with these 9 super-cool exit strategies…BEFORE you make an offer

    • Get sellers to actually help you create a smokin’ deal (you’ll flip when you see this)!

    • Set up your ENTIRE investing business in no time flat…without any experience whatsoever

    • Get sellers to actually help you create a smokin’ deal (you’ll flip when you see this)!

    • Enjoy TAX FREE profits and income for life!


    WARNING: This Event ALWAYS Sells Out…Because Class Size Is Limited!

    You Can Buy Your First or Next House in Minutes…

    Right At The Bootcamp!

    No joke. I’m a ‘nuts & bolts’ kinda guy. Grass roots, nothing fancy. No tricks, no gimmicks, no hype.


    When you attend the “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp”:

    I’m Going To Take You Through The Simple Steps

    On How To Identify, Evaluate, AND Buy A Killer Deal From A Seller In Just Minutes…



    Bring one of your recent leads or pending deals and we’ll even get on the phone and CALL your Seller… on speaker phone in the classroom...


    So you can hear me ask a few simple, key conversation.


    We never know what’s gonna happen. We could even come away with a sealed deal and buy the house…on the spot!


    No matter what happens or how the call turns out, we’ll take the mystery out of talking and negotiating with sellers.


    And you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say when YOU get on the phone!


    See, There’s a reason I’m calling this a ‘bootcamp’…

    Because—just like the phone call we just made--we’re going to roll up our sleeves, get focused…


    And DO WHAT IT TAKES to do a deal.


    This isn’t theory…this isn’t fluff…this isn’t a bunch of talking head speakers spewing education at you for 3 days.


    Not for one minute!


    This is down n’dirty, in the trenches, honest to goodness real estate investing.


    This event is designed and created to get you RESULTS.

    Not in a year, not six months from now, not 3 months or even 4 weeks from now...


    But from the moment you step into the room!


    You could literally walk away from this bootcamp with a bona fide signed CONTRACT in your hand!


    Can you imagine that?


    When you might have been thinking all along that you have to…


    • Attend a bunch of seminars,
    • Read a bunch of investing books  
    • Buy a bunch of courses
    • Spend 7 months studying before putting in an offer


    Not on my watch!

    By the time you do all that, you can have 7 houses in your portfolio generating $500 a month in cashflow…


    And putting thousands of dollars in your jeans pocket month after month FOR LIFE!


    I’m not messing around when I say you’re gonna put ‘nose to the grindstone.’

    Because at this bootcamp…

    You’re going to DO Real Estate, not THINK about it.



     So if you want to DO real estate, then get to Louisville November 20-22 for the “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp.”


    The best part is, all you have to do is show up. That’s it. Be open, be willing, be ready to hit the ground running.


    I’ll take care of the rest.


    My team and I will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you invest in real estate, make offers, do deals, and create your legacy.

    Wildwood Country Club - 5000 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY


    Due to COVID-19, We're having an Online Virtual Boot Camp allowing you to Stay Safe and Learn from Home!

    Early Bird Discount expiration has been removed!

    Class Size can be bigger now!

    Meet Your Host and ONLY Speaker

    One thing you won’t get at this bootcamp is a parade of speakers trying to hawk their stuff or pitch the dickens out of you.


    Not gonna happen.


    What you get is ME. That’s it. You get to look at my big burly biker-gang presence for 3 whole days (I’m a teddy bear!)


    So here’s who I am and a little bit about WHY I’m SO excited to help you achieve the amazing life and lifestyle you’re looking for by investing in real estate. (Please excuse the 3rd-person narrative of my bio)

    Mike Butler


    Mike Butler began investing in real estate while working full time as an undercover police detective investigating organized crime, murders, and contract killings.


    He learned quickly that real estate was the way to true financial freedom for his family. He began buying 2.5 rental properties every week WHILE nabbing criminals full time…and built a portfolio of 75+ properties.


    Mike gets paid OVER 100% of his rents every month. He’s NEVER gone to a bank for an investment loan. He’s never taken a loan from a private or hard money lender. AND he started his investing journey with less than $1,000.


    Now Mike works when he wants, IF he wants. As a nationally renowned coach, consultant, and in-demand speaker, he’s shared the stage with international superstars Richard Branson, Tom Brokaw, and Condoleeza Rice.


    Mike created brain-dead simple systems & courses for beginning and experienced investors for achieving true financial independence SAFELY. He gets juiced sharing his knowledge and helping others do what he does and achieve the same massive success he has.


    He’s the author of the bestselling book, “Landlording on Autopilot” and was also featured in Money Magazine. 


    Mike LOVES creating future millionaires and mega-millionaires…and he has the track record to prove it!


    Will you be next?



    In The Classroom...

    And In the Field

    Who This Bootcamp Is For?

    This event is for investors of ALL ages, no matter what your experience. Beginner, novice, professional. Young, single, parent, grandparent…it doesn’t matter.


    What DOES matter is that you need to have the will and DESIRE to do what it takes to be successful.


    You must COMMIT to going ALL IN for 3 days and demonstrate you’ll stop at nothing to acquire your first or next investment property.


    I’m dead serious when I say this.


    This event is not for dabblers or ‘maybe someday’ wishful thinkers and dreamers.


    This room is going to filled with hungry entrepreneurs who are determined and hell-bent on TAKING ACTION.


    It’s about Drive, Passion, and Focus.


    Will it be scary and nerve-wracking? YES! If you haven’t done this before, it can be very scary.



    But know this…


    I’m going to give you what you need to mitigate risk, feel safe doing deals, and the tools, strategies, and support to help you feel confident and assured.


     So yeah, you might break a sweat because you haven’t done this before.


    You’ll be asked to step outside your comfort zone.


    And you know what? You won’t die. You won’t get hurt. You won’t even get wounded.


    You’ll land on your feet and everything will be okay.


    A business mentor who was in the military was once asked…




    What’s the difference between Fear and Courage?


    "Fear is wetting your pants. Courage is doing what you have to with wet pants."


    You’re not alone.


    Everyone in that room is either where you are right now or they were there at one time in the not too distant past.


    And that’s a fact.


    So you might be thinking that you’re not ready for the bootcamp or if you even belong in the room.


    I get it. I really do.

    Lemme just say this:


    You’re the PERFECT candidate for the “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp” if you’re…

    • Tired of sitting and listening about real estate instead of implementing
    • Ready to make a true, MEASURABLE impact in your life
    • Scared to take the leap to make it happen
    • Hungry to learn from a real ‘do deals every day’ real estate investor
    • Sick of wishing and dreaming and procrastinating about becoming an investor
    • Itching to EXPLODE your business
    • Chomping at the bit to get a deal under your belt AT THE EVENT
    • Ready for financial security and freedom


    It doesn’t matter a lick what you know and don’t know about real estate.

    What matters is that you COMMIT to being present, doing what it takes, and playing full out.

    And it’s waiting for you at the “Buy Without Banks Bootcamp.”

    Wildwood Country Club - 5000 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY

    Here’s What You Get


    The “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp” is WAAY different than any other event, conference, or workshop you’ve ever attended.


    Here’s why…


    By the end of our 3 days together…


    You’ll walk away with a SPECIFIC PLAN that fits YOUR needs, YOUR personality, and YOUR lifestyle.


    This isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ event. YOU get to decide what’s right for you and your family.


    Plus, this bootcamp is entirely HANDS ON.


    I’m going to be right there with you…in the room and out in the field…


    …Showing you how to:

    • Evaluate properties
    • Differentiate deals from duds
    • Cipher repairs on the spot
    • Get your phone ringing with hot leads
    • Attract motivated sellers with ZERO ad spend
    • Find great properties that other investors overlook EVERY time
    • TALK to homeowners so they trust you
    • Pay 0% financed loans
    • Make offers right at the event
    • Know your profit BEFORE you buy

    And the reality is, you could walk away from this bootcamp with your first or next SIGNED CONTRACT in hand!

    Your Unfair Advantage


    I’ve been doing this a LONG time. I know what works and what doesn’t.


    I’ve seen the PROOF with thousands of my students.


    You’re getting a PROVEN SYSTEM that works EVERY TIME when you follow the steps I show you.


    As I said earlier, I’m a simple guy and I like keeping my investing simple. No fancy schmancy whizz-bang tricks or shenanigans.


    My goal is to help you create a greased chute

    for profits pouring into your bank account every single month.


    And that’s exactly what you’re going to get.


    The entrepreneurs, investors, and hard-working ‘mom and pop’ businesses I’ve worked with over the years using my system have found untold and immeasurable success and happiness.


    In just a moment, I’ll introduce you to a bunch of those folks and they can tell you for themselves how the strategies you’re going to learn have helped them transform their:

    • Financial life
    • Investing goals
    • Businesses
    • Lifestyle
    • Leisure time
    • Families
    • Peace of Mind

    ​Here's just a taste of what you'll get when you attend:

    These are just a FRACTION of the sessions, tools, and strategies you’ll get that will explode your investing business in just hours of stepping foot into the room…


    No matter what your level of experience.

    What You’ll Experience


    The sole purpose of this bootcamp is to help you succeed as an investor by giving you everything you need to find, buy, and profit in the simplest and fastest way possible…


    All while mitigating your risk so you can feel safe and confident.


    And if you’re an experienced investor…


    You’ll discover ‘insider intel’ that will catapult you to a whole new stratosphere so you can:


    • Acquire properties  
    • Boost profits
    • Find the gold already hidden in your company  
    • Create a ‘lean and mean’ business  
    • Make the competition irrelevant


    With over two decades of working with inspired and driven entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners…


    I’ve witnessed the incredible power of this unique investing framework time and time again.


    And I can’t wait to share it with you!

    Wildwood Country Club - 5000 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY


    What People Just Like You Are Saying…


    Keith O'Loane


    What You Can Expect!

    Here’s what our amazing time together will look like:


    DAY 1… Friday


    8:00 AM - Registration

    8:30 AM - “Roll Up Your Sleeves” Super Session

    • How to Find MLS Deals That Others Don’t See
    • The Perfect Investment Property…and WHY
    • How To Buy 2 Houses a Week…In Just 5 Hours a Week
    • How To Feel Super Confident Outside Your Comfort Zone
    • “Bring a FSBO Deal” For The Hot Seat
    • “Record Your Seller Interview” Hot Seat LIVE
    • How To ID Motivated Sellers in 90 Seconds…Or Less
    • How To Drive Motivated Sellers To YOU Every Single Day
    • 6 Fool Proof Exit Strategies…BEFORE You Make an Offer
    • Mike Butler’s Life Transforming “Investors Pledge” 👍


    12:00 PM – Exclusive Networking Buffet Lunch 



    1:00 PM – Creating and Structuring Killer Deals

    • How To Deploy “Mike’s Undercover Detective” Negotiating Techniques
    • Secret Deal Resources For Uncovering Buried Profits
    • Locating Investing Gold in Your Own Backyard
    • How To Use Your Mobile Phone To PreQualify Deals
    • Talking To Sellers…What To Say, What Not Say, and Power Phrases
    • How To Attract 41% More Deals To Your Doorstep


    DAY 2… Saturday


    8:00 AM – “University on Wheels” Luxury Coach House Buying Tour
                                  – In The Field Deals


    • On-Site Louisville Neighborhood Property Tour
    • On The Spot Property Evaluations
    • In the Driveway 10 Minute Offer Creation
    • 9 Minute Home Inspection
    • Lighting Fast Repair Estimates
    • Deal Or No Deal, Play or Pass
    • How To Buy A House Without Head-Casing
    • Instant Confidence, Instant Decisions
    • Choose The Houses YOU Would Invest In



    12:00 PM – Scrumptious Lunch      




    1:00 PM – Writing REAL Offers

    • How To Write Winning Offers  
    • How To Easily Crunch the Numbers
    • How To Handle Seller Responses
    • Accepting and Declining Offers
    • Create a “Can’t Refuse” Seller Offer
    • What To Do With An Accepted Offer
    • Wholesaling Your Offer To An Investor IN THE ROOM
    • Put Cash In Your Pocket AT THE BOOTCAMP



    6:00 PM – Dinner Break




    8:00 PM – Special Session – Mike’s Office Tour

    • Meet The Staff
    • Network with The Team
    • Business On Autopilot
    • 100% Paperless System Blueprint
    • Office Setup and Organization
    • How To Build a Seamless Real Estate Business
    • Ask The Experts – Bring Your Burning Questions
    • ‘Bring Your Best Joke’ Round Robin Laugh-a-Thon

    DAY 3… Sunday


    8:30 AM – Future Millionaire Training

    • Secret ‘Insider’ Training Other Investors Won’t Talk About
    • Building a Rock Solid Foundation
    • CYA Contractor Negotiations
    • Insider Insurance Policy Intel
    • Marketing on Steroids
    • Ironclad Asset Protection
    • Setting Up Your LLC The Easy and Inexpensive Way 
    • Tax Free Profit and Income For Life
    • How To Slash Rehabs and Repairs 50% and More
    • ‘Save Time And Money’ Free Resources At Your Fingertips
    • How to Minimize Risk and Optimize Profits
    • AND So Much More!

    PLUS, You Get These EARLY BIRD Bonuses!



    When you register for the Early Bird Special Discount, I’m going to include these EXCLUSIVE Bonuses:


    Early Bird BONUS

    Add Your Partner Or Spouse

    (Value: $1,997)

    Want to bring your business partner or spouse?


    No problem. For just $497, your partner or spouse can attend and receive all the same bootcamp benefits listed in this letter.


    They GET EVERYTHING you get when you attend.




    There’ll be tons of Surprises and Door Prizes at the event…


    Not to mention unlimited fun, friends, new connections, possible partnerships, and done deals.

    Reserve Your Tickets NOW To
    “Buying Without Banks Bootcamp”

    November 20, 21, 22 in Louisville, KY

    Due to COVID-19, this event will be a LIVE Streaming Virtual Boot Camp

    this allows you to stay safe and learn from home

    Early Bird Discount expiration has been removed since we can have more in classroom

    PLUS - to maximize your learning, I'm Giving You a Big NEVER Done Before Bonus!

    Access to ALL of the RAW unedited video recordings of every session

    until midnight Sunday, Nov 29 (this gives you the entire Turkey Day weekend to review)


    Regular Price: $1,997




    Early Bird 50% Off Special With BONUSES:


    ONLY $997

    Just so you know, there are no current plans to hold this bootcamp again.


    This may be your only chance to attend. Right now, I don’t have plans for another!


    We’ve already sold half the tickets without even promoting or advertising it. So jump on this because it WILL sell out. It always does.



    Early Bird 50% Off Special: Just $997

    And Bring a Partner or Spouse for Just $497



    It All Happens At:

    Wildwood Country Club

    5000 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY

    (502) 499-1261

    I can't wait to see you Friday Morning!

    COVID-19 Rules & Protection


    Wildwood Country Club follows Governor's order & guidelines as a Restaurant.


    Upon entering, your temperature will be taken by a Registered Nurse

    Just like a restaurant, you will need to wear your mask when you are not seated at your table/desk.

    - you are not required to wear your mask when seated, but if you get up to walk away from your seat, you must wear your mask.


    Let me stress, when not seated at your desk/table, you will be required to wear your mask.


    Just like a restaurant, seating arrangements will keep social distancing - the 6 ft rule.

    Exception: You and your partner/spouse may sit together... just like a restaurant.


    if you have any questions, please click here


    I want everyone to be safe and have fun learning. If you have any special needs or arrangements, please tell me Click Here


    I can't wait to see you Friday Morning!


          Mike Butler


    © Copyrights by WealthBuilding 24/7 2020. All Rights Reserved.