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We are currently in discussions with the host location's board of directors. As of today's date we do not know when we will be able to host this event.  We will be monitoring the situation and update this page as soon as we have more clarity of the situation.  Thanks You and Stay Safe!

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How to Buy WITHOUT Banks,
Money, Credit, Private Lenders or Partners!

Nov 20-22, 2020

​Louisville, Ky

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includes House Buying Tour of Real Houses For Sale

You Will Learn How to Inspect a House, Cipher Repair Costs, and Create Your Offers in 10 minutes or less!

You Will Learn How to "Cherry Pick" Killer Deals Other Investors Can NOT See!

Nov 20-22, 2020 in Louisville, KY

Your 3 Day Investor Training Boot Camp STARTS in



Class Size is limited due to number of seats in Coach for the Real Houses For Sale Tour

Don't Delay - This will Sell Out! - All Previous Boot Camps have Sold Out

In 3 Short Days, You Will Learn...

  • How To Find "KILLER DEALS" In  Your Own Back Yard!

    You will learn how to find these deals other investors cannot see!

  • Discover How to Identify a Motivated Seller in 90 seconds!

    Mike has learned every deal has this one common denominator

  • How to "Pre-Screen" a Deal in 10 minutes

    Your time is too precious. 6 Simple Questions Gets Your Answer

  • How to Talk with Your Seller to Create Great Deals

    As an undercover police detective, Mike became an expert on How to Ask, When to Ask, and the POWER Words to get results. 

  • "Repairs Helper Checklist" is your Airplane Pilot Checklist 

    Now you can Confidently determine total repair cost in 10 minutes without missing anything!

  • Write Your Offer(s) while sitting in your Seller's driveway

    Mike's simple, efficient buying machine system enables you to confidently create offers your sellers can not refuse. Mike's proven system allowed him to buy 2.25 deals per week while working his full time job. Now it's Your Turn!

  • Get Your Sellers to Help Create Your Deal!

    True Sign of connecting with your Motivated Sellers is when they brain storm on how to make their property a great deal for you!

  • Get 0% Fixed Rate Loans When You Buy!

    Not a misprint, this is absolutely true!

  • Mike will Show You How to Get Houses for FREE!

    Not a misprint, this is absolutely true!

  • Yes, You Really Can Drive Motivated Sellers to You 24-7

    Not a misprint, this is absolutely true!

  • Brain-Dead Simple Follow Up System will produce 41% of Your Deals

    Use Mike's proven, simple follow up system that delivers 41% of Mike's deals. 

  • Marketing on an Almost Zero Dollar Budget

    7 cheapest marketing tools to drive motivated sellers to you 24 -7, even on holidays!

  • Mike's "Investor Pledge" is your Game Changer

    After taking Mike's Investor Pledge, it will change your entire mindset of your real estate business. Saving Your Precious time while exploding your profit and income!

  • Rehab and Repairs - $lash by 50% or more!

    You, as an investor, must get "wholesale" prices when doing rehabs and renovations. NEVER get a "retail" estimate from any contractor. If you want your REPEAT business, they will give you a "wholesale" price.


    Your 3 Day Boot Camp is jam-packed full of real world, proven, real estate investing strategies on creating a lean, mean, efficient buying machine - even if you have a full time job and do it all in about 5 hours per week!


      Mike Butler has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Tom Brokaw, Condoleeza Rice

      Authored two #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon "Landlording on AutoPilot"


      - Brand Turner of Bigger Pockets says "

      “No author has had a greater impact on my landlording skills than Mike Butler and his book, Landlording on Auto-Pilot.

      At the risk of sounding over-dramatic, the lessons I learned after reading it are the reason I spend as much time at home as I do – because Butler is all about creating systems to make the landlording process more automated … and they work.

      There are so many tips in this book that I re-read it every year, just to be sure I’m not missing anything! Whether you are brand new to landlording or you have been renting homes out for decades – buy this book and read it… twice!”

    • Mike Butler

      • Featured in Money Magazine "Can Real Estate Make You Rich?
      • Wall Street Journal Radio Network (177 stations)
      • BIGGER POCKETS - Brandon Turner says Mike's Book is one of his Top 5 Books for all levels of investors
      • PODCASTS, RADIO SHOWS, and Investor Conferences all across America


    • DOORS OPEN 8:00 am - Registration

      Wildwood Country Club - 5000 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Ky


      Once you sign in and register, you will get your

      • Comprehensive workbook study guide
      • Forms manual
      • Then Grab Your Early Morning Coffee and Tea and network with your fellow investors


      8:30 AM


      8:30 AM

      DAY 1 -"Roll Up Your Sleeves" and Dig In Now!

      • How to Find Deals on MLS others can not see
      • What kind of houses to look for and why
      • Buy 2 properties weekly in just 5 hours per week effort
      • Identify and Expand Your Comfort Zone
      • Bring one of your recent FSBO Leads from your town along with the short audio recording of you interviewing your motivated seller on the phone
      • We'll use it as a class project!
      • How to ID a "Motivated Seller" in 90 seconds or less
      • Marketing Magic Driving Motivated Sellers to You on an almost zero dollar budget
      • 6 Exit Strategies to Know Before You Make Your Offer
      • Mike Butler's "Investor's Pledge" is a life changer
    • includes HOT LUNCH Buffet!


      12 PM


      1 PM

      Get Your Seller to gladly Help You Create Your Killer Deals using Mike's Simple Undercover Police Detective Negotiation Techniques

      • Mike will show you how to find secret, hidden Killer Deals in your local MLS!
      • Resources to Help You Find Deals
      • Effective Simple Follow Up System
      • What to Look for to find those hidden deals in your own back yard
      • Your phone becomes your best "pre-qualifying" tool
      • What to Ask, Not To Ask, Power Phrases & Kiss of Death phrases never to use.
      • Mini-P.I.S. Cards deliver 41% follow up deals!
    • Board Luxury Coach for House Buying Tour

      OBJECTIVE: Learn How to View Property and Create Your  Real Offer in 10 minutes or Less!

      • 10 Blank Mini-P.I.S. Cards
      • 2 ink pens
      • Your cell phone with Camera
      • small flashlight

      You will NOT have any notebooks, legal pads, belly bags, or briefcases. All of these items will remain in classroom.



      8 AM


      1 PM

      Back to Classroom - Write Up Your Offers

      • Small Groups of 3 or 4, will write up your offers on every house on the tour.
      • Your offers will be submitted to the sellers
      • Once submitted, we move forward in training.
      • When a response is received from Seller, we STOP everything and work thru your Seller's response.
      • If any of your offers are accepted, and you do not want to buy a house in Louisville, simply wholesale to another classmate or Mike will buy it
      • You will know exactly how to Make Offers Your Sellers Can NOT Refuse!
    • After Dinner Office Tour & Meet Mike's Staff

      You get to tour Mike Butler's office with some snacks and cold drinks PLUS you get to meet Mike's Team Leaders and Staff who allow Mike to put his real estate business on autopilot.

      - Mike gives you a tour of his office showing you how to set up everything from A to Z in your business and how to transition into 100% paperless system.

      Bring Your Best Jokes as a Round Robin of Jokes is a tradition of every office tour



      8 PM


      8:30 AM

      Quadrant 2 Training - NOT Urgent but IMPORTANT

      Many self-proclaimed gurus won't teach any Quadrant 2 content because it is not sexy and does not immediately add more $ales to their event.


      My passion in training future millionaires and multi-millionaires is to give you not only my proven buying without banks system, but I must also give you all of the Quadrant 2 items making up your rock solid foundation for your business and your lifestyle! Here's what you will learn:

      • Proper ways to CYA when dealing with Contractors
      • Insurance - the right way and the wrong way
      • Office Organization both paper and paperless
      • Marketing on STEROIDS - Biggest Bang for next to no bucks with the sole goal of driving Motivated Sellers to you.
      • Privacy, Asset Protection, and Entity Structure made brain-dead simple vs. those super complicated expensive create a LLC in almost every state in USA.
      • Tax Free Profit and Income for LIFE!
      • How To Control Everything and OWN Nothing
      • How to Slash Your Rehab and Repairs costs by 50% and more!
      • FREE and Almost FREE Resources that give you more profit and income while saving your precious and valuable time!


    "Just like me, you've probably been told there are no deals on the MLS and I believed them. My Jaw Dropped, along with many of my investor classmates, when I saw Mike Butler log into his MLS account and using his secret search criteria found over a dozen deals in about 15 minutes (it took him longer because he does not know how to use the MLS as they are always updating stuff). Our class loaded on the coach and went thru every house from his search. 


    I purchased one of these houses for $17,900 (it was listed for this price too) that needed about $1,500 in repairs to make it rent ready. I ended up investing $20,000 for a 3 bedroom home that rents for $899 month. Now I am making over $500 per month, every month, in my pocket, because I own it!  This more than paid for my registration fee for your boot camp. Thank You Mike, and yes you can find killer deals on the MLS any day you want, in your town, USA."

    - Keith O'Loane - future millionaire


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    You'll learn how to view a house, determine repair cost, and create your offer in 10 minutes or less!

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